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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Hi everyone! Five months ago, I worked really really reallyyy hard. No time to hanging out, late eating, just focus on my work to finish as fast as possible. Until I felt there was something wrong with me, and I went to the hospital. I did a laboratory test. Fortunately, everything was good. The doctor suggested I do work out so it can help me to consume more water. Then, start from that day, I did a little research about what type of workout would be enjoyable for me.

Workout with K-music is my favorite. There is so much fun workout tutorial on Youtube. I really enjoy 1 hour to do an exercise! Feel so much better and happier. I've never felt that sweating is really satisfying. I do a workout in my room, a boarding house. It was a private room, so no one will be disturbed by the music, and I can wear comfortable clothes.

I prefer doing work out indoors than outdoor. The reason is I feel more comfortable wearing a short-sleeve T-shirt or crop tee or sports bra and legging. Very simple sportswear so I can focus on move-move-and-move.

I think if you're a hijaber. You know what I feel, right? It's ok to wear simple sportswear as long as you are in a private room or girl's only area. But for me, I will always choose a private room because even if it's a girl, I just feel not comfortable showing my skin and my body.

If you find this blog post in your research about recommendation necessary items for beginners and you are a hijaber and prefer doing work out indoors, in your private room, here we go!

First, a yoga mat. This is not only for yoga, but it can be used for a whole workout. Choose the rubber one, it was soft and anti-slip material. It is the alternative if you can't buy shoes in the near future. We know, to choose good and suit sports shoes will take so much time. Trying one by one, searching for the size, and bla bla bla. So, I recommend you buy a yoga mat, your feet and body will safe from the hardness of the floor. Simple and you can start work out immediately!

Second, sportswear. Actually, you can wear anything you own. As I said before, I love simple sportswear, not a long sleeve, and off hijab because I do in my room, alone! I recommend you to wear sportswear of good quality, it will make you feel more comfortable when sweating. provides you wholesale sportswear. You will thank me because I recommend to you to the website that all the products are really affordable. See the design of sportswear they provide below. These are just two of the many collections that exist. Just go to their website and find your favorite one! Of course, if you are a hijaber then wanna go out, jogging, for instance, you can just put on a sports jacket and simply hijab, and you're ready to run.


Maybe for some readers, it's weird that I recommend that design. Well, hijabers or not, if you are doing work out or exercise and you are a woman, you need to wear a good quality sports bra. Please, pay attention to this because this is very important! Goals of doing work out is for better health, mental and physics, right? But, if you ignored the importance of a sports bra, better health is just a dream! Not wearing a sports bra when exercise can cause sagging breasts and what's worse is that it can cause pain and even spread to headaches and neck, and back to arms. So that, two items, yoga mat, and sportswear, is the key to start doing work out immediately for beginners.

Well, if you're doing work out because have a body goal to achieve, then maybe I will recommend an extra for you which is shapewear. Achieve "body goals" what are you imagined has never come in one or two days. So, wearing shapewear might be helpful to make you feel better and even more enthusiastic to fight for your goals. also offers a large selection of shapewear and provides for a big size up to 5XL, just go to shapewear wholesale on!


Now let me tell you more about Once you visit the website, you will know that this one is trusted. What I like about this website is not only do they offer a large selection of sportswear and shapewear but also they inform all the details about the products. You will know what the material and specification or technology behind the design are, so you can imagine how the comfort feels.

FYI, Lover-beauty has their own factory and cooperate with a number of excellent clothing manufacturers with strong manufacturing and design capabilities. If you wanna produce your product, by request material, design, etc., yes you can! Just go to their website now ;)

Yes! Finally, this is the end of my blog post today. Thank you so much for reading until the end and see you in my next post!

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